Visual history of Jim Morrison’s grave

16 thoughts on “Visual history of Jim Morrison’s grave”

  1. Visited Jim’s grave on the 14th anniversary of his passing in 1985.A lot sure has changed since then but the music has not, there will never be another like him again.It was good to see images of Ray and Robbie there-GOD Bless MOJO and RAY! Together once again.


  2. Went to Paris April of 2014 and the first place i visited was Jim Morrison resting place, just wanted to thank him for his music. R.I.P my brother!!


  3. The Bible says: “The living are conscious that they will die; but as for the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all.” (Ecclesiastes 9:5; Psalm 146:4) Therefore, when we die, we cease to exist. The dead can’t think, act, or feel anything.


  4. I think about Jim dying so far from homeaway from friends and family. How lonely he must be in that cold grave. The suit he was buried in was too small. I believe he was a great guy and he was a good person. Goodnight x


  5. I was shocked when I saw the state of his grave in the eighties when I went along with a friend though I had no intention of going myself. Just few years back I ripped up the photos I took there which were most unusual and actually the BEST weird photos I ever saw. All I can say is that he was moved some time after my photos of Jim’s head moving upwards in one photo taken at same angle. The bus was part chalk and part bronze one time and next time I went his head was broze but the face was chalk. The new statue was ALL bronze. So I had actually IMPOSSIBLE photos which spoke for themselves but didn’t anyone would every want to see them. I’m not well enough to traqvel to PARIS again as yet but as I say there was a reason. He was moved. Thank God..I wouldn’t really like to go back to where he was due to the nature of the grotesque happenings around that place in the eighties. He deserved better and got it. I left a small print in a plastic folder with a message to the fans and when I returned not long after it was stolen so if the person who took it reads this they will know it was ME….Hope you took great care of it..Good ending..



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