The complete guide to rock bars in Paris

Updated November 10, 2020

Where to have a drink and listen to rock music in Paris

A lot of people ask me about where to have a drink and listen to rock music in Paris. So I thought it would be useful to publish the list that I’ve compiled from various sources. I get asked a lot if there any Doors’ bars in Paris. Short answer, no. Long answer, there used to be.

I haven’t been to all of the bars yet (working on it), but my personal favs so far are the Truskel, Dr. Feelgood and the Black Dog (metal).

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The ultimate American music roots road trip

Travel to the birthplace of the blues, soul, rock’n’roll, jazz, house and rhythm and blues

As an American expat living in France, people love to talk to me about traveling to the States which is really cool. In my experience, the majority of people want to see—or have been to—New York, Miami, the Southwest, California or Route 66.

Inexplicably, the Midwest and the South get overlooked. I’ll give you that I’m biased because I’m from Chicago and have family scattered throughout the Midwest and the South. But no matter. If you’re a music lover, this road trip is a must.

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Jim Morrison to have public square in Paris named in his honor

It’s official: the Council of Paris recently voted unanimously on Resolution 68 to name a public square after Jim Morrison. The daily French newspaper, Le Figaro, reports that the family’s approval is still required and the exact location is to be determined.

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Doors artifacts at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum (RRHF) opened its doors on September 2, 1995 on the shores of Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio (about a 5½ hour drive from Chicago).

I was recently on vacation in Ohio and visited the RRHF for the second time. I was thrilled this time around because you can take pictures now. The RRHF changed its photography policy since my first visit thanks to social media.

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Heavy metal graffiti invades Paris

From most romantic city to Paris bridge is falling down

It all started out with good intentions.

The “love locks” are padlocks that couples affix to bridges and public fixtures in a declaration of their love. In Paris, the Passerelle des Arts is a hot spot for lovebirds. However, the vast number of padlocks is causing damage to the grates.

Since the early 2000s this ritual has quickly spread to cities all around the world, including London, New York, Seoul and Paris. The “love lock” tradition began in Pécs (Hungary) and is generally agreed to have started in the 19th century. — Mairie de Paris

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