July 3, 2011

40th anniversary of Jim Morrison’s death

Over the weekend fans gathered together in Paris to commemorate the event and honor Jim’s life and work. The commemoration began Saturday evening on July 2 at the Lézard King bar with a gig by the German Doors tribute band Stoned Immaculate.

On July 3, along with a multitude of fans, Ray and Robby visited Jim’s grave in Père Lachaise in the morning. Throughout the day fans sang Doors songs at the graveside, while others hung out at the Renaissance bar located just outside the cemetery on the rue de Repos.

After the cemetery closed, fans dispersed to attend one of the two gigs that evening: Ray and Robby at the Bataclan and The Doors Alive at the Cigale.

July 2—Stoned Immaculate at the Lézard King

Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger at Jim Morrison’s grave

by Alan Warzecha

Jim Morrison, 40th anniversary, Père Lachaise, Paris

by Korke Duardo

Not to Touch the Earth: A Celebration of the Lizard King

by Dean Preston

July 3—The Doors Alive at the Cigale

  • “The View from the Stage” by Jim Cherry. Willie Scott—lead singer of The Doors tribute band The Doors Alive—tells what it was like to be onstage in Paris the evening of the 40th anniversary
  • www.thedoorsalive.co.uk

July 3—Ray & Robby at the Bataclan

40 years gone: legacy of the lizard king


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