Jim Morrison

“Jim Morrison in Paris”

Silk painting of Jim Morrison in Paris by Eva Leopoldi

Silk painting by Eva Leopoldi

Eva Leopoldi was born in Ulm, Germany and grew up in Ingolstadt. She has been living and working in Vohburg since 1988. In the early 90s, Eva began silk painting and experimenting with colors and different materials. During this time, Eva began studying art history, theory and philosophy. She has developed a special silk painting technique that produces an incredible explosion of colors.
Since 1999, Eva has been exhibiting her paintings throughout Europe, including Germany, Switzerland, France and Austria. She is also a member of Nina Kant’s online gallery ContraMASS in Vienna.

From the collection “Mon Paris”

Silk painting of Jim Morrison in Paris by Eva Leopoldi
Silk painting, 88×108 cm. The title of this work is a quotation by Jim Morrison: “When you talk to a taxi driver in Paris, even he has something to say”.

About the “Mon Paris” collection

“My new project is a collection entitled Mon Paris. These paintings depict my personal experiences, impressions, history and people that I encountered in Paris. From the start, I wanted to explore more than just the picturesque aspect of the paintings. For each piece, I’ve included text from books, newspapers, blogs, etc. as well as my viewpoint, or ‘answer’”. — Eva Leopoldi

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