Père Lachaise

Homage to George Whitman in Paris

Family plans to mark his grave with a statue of Don Quixote

Following George Whitman’s (1913–2011) death on December 14, a friend and I stopped by Shakespeare and Company today to pay homage to the owner of the legendary Left Bank English-language bookstore.

Père Lachaise

With the help of the conservator’s office, we located Whitman’s grave near the edge of Division 73 (see map below).

Reuters reported that “his family plans to mark his grave with a statue of Don Quixote, one of his favourite fictional characters”.

Awaiting what promises to be some interesting funerary art, today there was a marble plaque with his name, date of birth and death, some flowers and a Penguin edition of “The Last Tycoon” by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Check back for updates.

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1 reply on “Homage to George Whitman in Paris”

Visited George Whitman’s grave this afternoon and as yet it remains virtually unmarked. I wonder when the statue is likely to appear.



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