Jim Morrison

Perimeter around Jim’s grave expanded

Jim, tied with fences

This weekend was Nature Festival throughout France. On Sunday, I decided to take advantage of one of the several walking tours offered by the city to learn more about the biodiversity in Père Lachaise. I hadn’t been there for a couple of weeks, so I was happy to be back and see the cemetery from a new perspective. As usual, before leaving, I went by Jim’s grave to see what was going on and to take some pictures.

I discovered, to my consternation, that the perimeter around Jim’s grave has just been expanded on the left side (if you’re facing the grave), thus distancing visitors even further from the grave.

Graffiti has always been omnipresent at Jim’s grave. To combat this activity, cemetery officials petitioned off his grave with a ghastly metal barrier in 2004. And now the situation just got worse.

There’s the rub

I sympathize with cemetery officials who undoubtedly struggle with the conundrum. I think we can all agree the barrier is counterproductive. What to do? Enclose Jim’s grave in glass like Oscar Wilde’s?

I fully understand people’s desire to leave a mark of passage or messages for Jim. If only it were possible to somehow encourage visitors to leave tribues instead of defacing neighboring gravestones. I’ve seen such lovely and thoughtful items left on Jim’s grave. It’s a terrible shame that visitors don’t make this choice more often.

3 replies on “Perimeter around Jim’s grave expanded”

What happens if I jump the barricade? I can not find any answers on the web – does anyone know?
And with that in mind how do the candles etc get placed on it? Surely that means people sneak in all the time?
Anyone done it? What happened?


I was there in 86, there were no fences and it was possible to get very close to the grave. There were not so many people, either. Interesting how it seems to e even more popular now. As Jim himself said, “…and they will never forget me, ever”. (Quoting by memory sorry if it’s not exactly that).



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