Animated movie, “The Ghosts of Père Lachaise” [Trailer]

Imagine a club, open to everyone, where you can meet international rock stars, famous writers and an army of talented actors in a majestic setting.

Lucie, a 11 year old girl, is the only one who has the chance to access this ultra VIP place which is the cemetery of Père Lachaise.

Lucie can brag about having famous friends… Honoré de Balzac corrects her essays, Chopin teaches her the piano, and she discusses metaphysical transcendence with Jim Morrison. Not everyone is lucky enough to have this opportunity. But Lucie isn’t like other kids. — Chez Eddy


Produced by De Film En Aiguilles, in co-production with the production company and animation studio, Chez Eddy. Written and directed by Antoine Colom and Guillaume Rio.

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