Walk Jim Morrison’s Paris with Michelle Campbell

Walk in the footsteps of Jim with internationally acclaimed photographer and Doors expert, Michelle Campbell


My tour starts at Jim’s grave in Père Lachaise, “The Lourdes of Rock’n’Roll”, and continues to numerous sites. We go to the rue Beautreillis, where Jim lived and died. We then cross over to Île Saint-Louis where Jim followed in the footsteps of the French poet, Baudelaire.

We continue past Notre-Dame and other places Jim wrote and drank while he searched for inspiration. We pass through Saint-Germain-des-Prés and see many of the sites on the Left Bank that Jim frequented, and end at the old Rock’n’Roll Circus where Jim drank, and some say, died.

Joe Russo of the Soft Parade at Jim Morrison’s grave in Père Lachaise cemetery, Paris 1992. (Image credit: Michelle Campbell)
Joe Russo of the Soft Parade at Jim Morrison’s grave in Père Lachaise cemetery, Paris 1992. (Image credit: Michelle Campbell)


The tour goes rain or shine. It lasts about 3 hours, depending on the group. It is available most days but Friday. The cost is 40 € per person. Children under 18 free.


I have researched The Doors and their legacy for over 20 years and I am currently writing a book about the worldwide pilgrimage to Jim Morrison’s grave. My photographs were on The Doors’ official website for over 10 years. My tours are highlighted by my photographs and personal research.

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7 thoughts on “Walk Jim Morrison’s Paris with Michelle Campbell

  1. Enjoyed such a wonderful tour on Sat 6th June 15. Michelle was so informative on all aspects of Jims life and really found it the highlight of our recent trip to Paris. Highly recommended.


  2. On the 26th of May Michelle took us on her amazing Jim Morrison tour. We started at his grave, and visited many of the places he frequented.
    The tour was fantastic. She is so knowledgable and passionate about him. She must be the World’s authority on Jim. I learnt so much. And had so much fun. And it was great way to see a cross section of Paris away from the regular tourist spots.
    If you are remotely interested in Jim I wholeheartedly recommend this tour as a great way to see his hangouts, learn more about him and get a special view of Paris.
    Thank you Michelle.


  3. I’ve been into books, poetry and art for as many years as I can remember and have visited Paris often with my own make-shift map as there’s nowhere like Paris for a lover of the Arts. Jim Morrison became one of my favourite poets quite by chance while studying Blake in University and after stumbling across his work, no other poet has captured my imagination or my soul quite like his does.

    During a particularly heady French summer, I decided that, on my annual visit to Paris, I might take a tour for a change- as I held my then sorry-looking, frayed map between finger and thumb- might learn something new. So I duly began searching online. I have to say, I felt more than a little apprehensive; the thought of accidentally booking an ‘all singing, all dancing’ Morrison death tour filled me with horror.

    I finally came across Michelle’s page and sent her an email to test the water. I told her that I was predominantly interested in Morrison’s poetry and his influences. To my delight, she replied telling me that she was too and there were plenty of places we could visit. I booked it.

    I was still a little anxious as I went to meet Michelle in Paris but there was no need as I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who immediately puts a person at ease quite as she does. I was enthralled as I listened to all the history that flowed forth, almost anecdotally, and her personal study and experiences . Her verve and joie de vivre is infectious to say the least!

    As we bumbled along, happily exchanging thoughts and literature passing- Place de Vosges, Baudelaire’s apartment and the bar named after his mistress, then onward, entering the Beats’ domain and L’Hotel which allegedly prompted Wilde’s much debated parting (for ‘parting’ see ‘abridged’) words of, ‘ either that wallpaper goes or I do.’ and later played host to Morrison’s fall out of the window- time just flew by.

    As a tour guide, I’d say Michelle Campbell is the most interesting, wondrous person to spend the entire day with and it’ll really be the best money you’ll ever spend. As a friend, which I like to think we later became, I’d say that Michelle is one of the (superlative hazard warning) kindest, most dedicated, most interesting and generally all-round awesome women I’ve had the pleasure to get to know. She genuinely loves what she does and revels in the thoughts of others. She is also extremely humble and will probably be squirming reading this! So if, as Morrison once said he hoped his poetry would achieve, you’re looking for a tour that will ‘deliver people from the limited ways in which they see and feel’, well, I whole-heartedly recommend this one!


  4. Highly recommended. An afternoon of easy but thought provoking conversation and more than a few new insights for me as we weaved our way through Jim’s Paris.


  5. Only Michelle can literally bring a tour to life. Her descriptive articulation of the surroundings, history, and symbolic significance make her tours incredibly fascinating. Even if you’re not interested in history (like me) she knows how to make a lasting and memorable impression. She is a gifted teacher and, as we all know, there is no substitute for the gift of knowledge. I HIGHLY recommend this tour!!



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