Jim Morrison’s original Paris journal manuscript for sale

Buyer beware!

As with nearly every Jim Morrison notebook to come up for sale, the original auction listing makes the unequivocal claim that these pages “were written over the few months in 1971 while Morrison was living in Paris prior to his untimely death on July 3rd.” However, this statement is entirely unfounded.

Len Sousa, from “The Truth Behind the Lost Paris Tapes”, The Doors Guide

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3 thoughts on “Jim Morrison’s original Paris journal manuscript for sale

  1. This poem, if indeed it was written by Mr. Morrison (that is, if handwriting analysis confirms it) then Morrison most definitely had seen someone take Heroin and bleed from their nostrils. “nostrils bled liquid crystal blood”.
    EXACTLY like how the Fire Brigade man (Lt. Col. Galeraud ) who arrived at Jim’s apartment on the day of his death (July 3), recollects how he saw Jim, right before he tried to resuscitate him.
    The poem is also very angry towards Pamela Courson for getting him into the mess he finds himself in – “Great perfumed wreck of hell…Great god-damn shit-ass mother-fucking freak”.
    Mr. Morrison also writes: “the king must die “ – which I think might be reference to the Count Jean de Breteuil or one of his fellow aristo-junkies, who Ms Courson was having an affair with – “Someone new in your knickers, and who would that be…” The last paragraph of this poem is a reference to the murdering character in Mr. Morrison’s film “HWY an American Pastoral”. and the “calm calculus of reason” was him contemplating killing Count Jean De Breteuil.

    Numerouns accounts put Jean De Breteuil as the Heroin dealer/traffiicker at the time who, according to Marianne Faithfull’s account, supplied the Heroin – “China white” – to Morrison & Courson which eventually is said to have killed Jim Morrison.

    There are some other passages in this poem that would lead me to believe it was written after Morrison & Courson came back from their trip to Morocco & Corsica, by the feel of the poem it sounds like they were attacked -“the little girl let out little cries of surprise as the club struck her sides..naked we come and bruised we go.” – when they were there.
    Probably to buy Heroin, as these locations, I’ve heard, were part of the Heroin trade route – Turkey to Corsica on to Marrakesh Morocco and then into Marseilles France.

    What had Pamela Courson gotten him into?

    If you are also well versed in the goings on in Paris as they relate to Mr. Morrison and wish to collaborate on getting to the truth. Please email me at grittysoap (at) hotmail (dota) com

    Let’s get to the bottom of this, Mr. Morrison would have wanted the truth to be known.

    Tom G.


  2. Hi! Is the Journal still for sale. Thank you so much and how much is this, where do I purchase. Much appreciated.


  3. I’m really struck by the neatness, and the care that Jim clearly took over this journal. Completely at odds with some of the stuff one reads about his final hours/days.
    Fascinating stuff.



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