Père Lachaise

The Internationale and Eugène Pottier

Today in Père Lachaise, the Association des amis de la Commune commemorated the 142th anniversary of the Paris Commune at the Mur des Fédérés and sang The Internationale.

Vintage postcard of Eugène Pottier and Pierre-Chrétien Degeyter.
Vintage postcard of Eugène Pottier and Pierre-Chrétien Degeyter, lyricist and composer respectively of the left-wing anthem, The Internationale. (Image via

Eugène Pottier, lyricist of The Internationale, is buried not far from the Communard’s Wall.

The verses were written on 30 June 1871 in the immediate aftermath of the brutal crushing of the Paris Commune, when the author, Eugène Pottier, was hiding in fear of his life. His lyrics were intended to impart the historical experience of an important workers’ struggle to a worldwide audience. — Decyphering The Internationale: the Eugène Pottier code Donny Gluckstein

The Internationale (1888)

Lyrics by Eugène Pottier, music by Pierre-Chrétien Degeyter. There are a zillion versions of the song, here’s one by American folk icon, Pete Seeger.

L’Internationale documentary by Peter Miller (2000)

Père Lachaise

Eugène Pottier’s grave and the Communards’ Wall (Mur des Fédérés), divisions 95 and 76 respectively.

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