The Real-Life Death of Jim Morrison by Bernard Wolfe

Esquire magazine, June 1972

As a graphic designer, I was particularly interested in the illustrations by Jean Lagarrigue of the apartment at 17 rue Beautreillis. So I was very excited to find a copy on eBay. Lagarrigue taught at École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs (ENSAD) and was art directeur at Esquire magazine.

Illustrations by Jean Lagarrigue

Esquire magazine, June 1972, p107. Illustration by Jean Lagarrigue.
James Douglas Morrison, b. December 8, 1943, to Captain and Mrs. George Morrison, U.S.N. A classmate remembers: “He knew all about the poets, more than the teachers.”
Esquire magazine, June 1972, p108. Illustration by Jean Lagarrigue.
At George Washington High School in Alexandria, Virginia, Morrison made the honor roll but had few friends. He studied film, on a scholarship, at U.C.L.A., became a rock star.
Esquire magazine, June 1972, p109. Illustration by Jean Lagarrigue.
As a Door, he called himself an “erotic politician,” was arrested for exposing himself at a concert in Miami, Florida. Died of heart failure, Paris, France, July 3, 1971.

Article by Bernard Wolfe

2 thoughts on “The Real-Life Death of Jim Morrison by Bernard Wolfe

  1. I didn’t like this article when it was published, and 40 years or so later I still dislike it. The author’s primary source, Sherry from Pasadena, who goes to such lengths to distinguish herself from other groupies when she is obviously just that, has her own agenda, and I find her attitude poisonous. It is easy to guess at her identity 40 years later, still persuing her own agenda. When Morrison is finally quoted, I find him to be incisive, witty, articulate, and as always, he is his best representative. His referrals to child molestors at this stage in his life make me infinitely sad. His life history is the classic behavior of a child who was molested, and it obviously weighed heavily on his mind at the end of his life. One thing is clear, and that is, what ever the final physical manifestations, he died of alcoholism, this beautiful, vulnerable being who was undoubtedly abused and emotionally abandoned by those who should have protected him as a child. Susan



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