John Densmore, special guest for Disquaire Day 2014

April 19, 2014

The Disquaire Day team is proud to announce that the Doors’ drummer, John Densmore, will be this year’s Disquaire Day special guest for the release of his book, “The Doors: Unhinged: Jim Morrison’s legacy goes on trial”, on April 17 in France.

The 396 page book was released last year in the US. It will be available at all independent record and book stores for Disquaire Day.

John Densmore sets forth his vision of the Doors and his battle to preserve Jim Morrison’s legacy, therefore questioning the role of money for bands and integrity in the world of rock music.

The cover illustration is by contemporary American street artist, designer and illustrator, Frank Shepard Fairey. His work is known all over the world through his poster “Hope” for Barack Obama.

John Densmore will be in France from April 16 and will participate in several events before and during Disquaire Day on the 19th.


The Doors, les portes claquent: John Densmore, batteur des Doors, raconte @LExpress_Cult


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