“Jim”, a contemporary dance performance

“Jim”, photo by Luís Belo
“Jim”, photo by Luís Belo


Contemporary dance performance

June 10–14, 2014

Choreography by Paulo Ribeiro
Théâtre des Abbesses
31 rue des Abbesses
Paris 18


Seduced by Jim Morrison’s poetical strength, one of the most irreverent icons of the 60s, and by its posthumous release An American Prayer, the choreographer Paulo Ribeiro let himself be led by the words and spirituality of the musician to reflect about the role of each individual in its relationship with the world and the role of dance.

Morrison’s accomplice, but emancipated on the game of the bodies, Paulo Ribeiro opposes what it is called the interior annihilation; provokes the collective apology and sow some benevolent accidents, just in the style of its organic and active kind of dance.


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