Dear photograph…

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Lots of fans will be meeting up today at Père Lachaise for July 3, the 43rd anniversary of Jim Morrison’s death. Oh, how things have changed.

My first visit to Père Lachaise

August 1986/July 2014

Dear photograph,

My first, and long-awaited, visit to Jim Morrison’s grave was during the summer of 1986 as an exchange student. My fantastic host family indulged my request to visit Père Lachaise while on a trip to Paris from the north of France. It turned out to be pretty scary. It was a tough crowd at Jim’s grave that day. One guy, without reason, spontaneously attacked one of my hosts and pinned him down on the neighboring grave. As soon as he got loose, we hightailed it out of there. I felt terrible. So it was a very short and anticlimactic journey. But I got to go back often since then, fortunately without incident.


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