Père Lachaise

Père Lachaise tour guides in the news

The Wall Street Journal has just published an interesting article on the “stiff competition” among the numerous tour guides in Père Lachaise. Our friend Thierry Le Roi gets a mention!!

Vincent de Langlade

Also mentioned in the article is Vincent de Langlade, who Thierry Le Roi calls a “master”. He published a book years ago entitled Une Heure Au Père Lachaise (An Hour In Père Lachaise). I still use the map that was sold with the book!

As a budding guide, Mr. Beyern recalled spotting an older man roaming the cemetery with a notebook filled with details on the dead. That was Vincent de Langlade, a guide who had been working in Père Lachaise since the 1950s. “My master,” Mr. Le Roi says.

My dog-eared map of Père Lachaise (by Vincent de Langlade) that I’ve been using for over 20 years.
My dog-eared map of Père Lachaise by Vincent de Langlade that I’ve been using for over 20 years.

For anyone who has been to Père Lachaise, you know there are a gazillion guides. I’ve done several guided tours: music, celebrities, ecology to name a few. I highly recommend Thierry Le Roi. I also recommend a fantastic, and fast-paced!, music tour* by Philippe Landru. Music included! Amazing.

And don’t forget, special contributor to this blog, Michelle Campbell, proposes a Jim Morrison’s Paris tour which includes a visit to Père Lachaise! You don’t want to miss that either.

Have you done a guided tour of Père Lachaise? Tell us about it in the comments!

* De Bellini à Mano Solo : deux siècles de musique au Père Lachaise


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