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One of my favorite aspects of reading online is the easy sharing capabilities. But with all the noise on social media, the best content is easy to miss.

So, as a big fan of What We’re Reading posts, here’s my take. (The topics will be the same as the blog.)

For this post, the “we” is me. But for future posts, I welcome your contribution. Don’t hesitate to let me know if I missed anything!

Links we love

Don’t have a Twitter account? No worries. You can still access the articles by clicking on the link in the tweets below.

Everything you wanted to know about the bass players for a band that famously didn’t have a bass player. “In the end, it’s true that the Doors didn’t have a bass player. They had about 20 of them.”

An interesting interview with photographer Robert Landau, who documented the rock’n’roll billboards—often hand painted!—on the Sunset Strip during the 60s and 70s. Landau credits Jac Holzman as starting the trend with The Doors’ debut album in 1967.

Record Store Day isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Troublesome developments include smaller record stores getting locked out by pressing plants, plus too many releases with poor quality, to name a few. Read it and weep.

I’ve been following the Tidal music streaming news closely since I’m a fan of the majority artists that joined. The verdict is still out, but from what I’ve been reading so far: fans, they’re just not into it. This article exposes the negative effects for musicians following Tidal’s inception. Jay Z’s a cappella version of the Black Album was intended specifically for remixes, but now he’s enforcing copyright infringement.

This recent blog post on Télérama’s 180 gr blog—dedicated to vinyl recordings—explores the mono version of Strange Days. To mono, or not to mono? That is the question. (In French)

An introspective article which points out that great artists’ funerals are not always up to par with the greatness of the artist, while others can be quite creative.

It’s no secret that Jim Morrison’s grave is subject to ongoing vandalism. Also not a secret, cemetery vandalism is widespread. Perhaps one of the most egregious acts to date, vandals broke into Ronnie Van Zant’s tomb and took the casket for a ride around the cemetery. Sheesh.

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