A live music walk through Père Lachaise by Les Sons Tissés

Acoustic homages to Bizet, Mano Solo, Chopin, Alain Bashung and Françis Poulenc

A spectacular event took place last Sunday in Père Lachaise. A first of its kind music project was organized by Les Sons Tissés (woven sounds), an association of master’s degree students in music studies at the Sorbonne.

For their end-of-year project, members performed acoustic homages to five musicians, ranging from classical music to contemporary French rock.

Created in April 2015, the association’s objective is to promote and highlight the curriculum, to develop a professional network, in particular through collaborations and social events, and to organize music-based projects.

I feel extremely fortunate to have been there because I learned about this event less than 24 hours beforehand. Thank you Google alerts!

Due to the exceptional nature of this event, I filmed each performance (my finger included). These are my first videos ever. Please be kind in your comments.

The association plans to renew the experience, so stay tuned.

Les Sons Tissés

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Georges Bizet

Embed from Getty Images

Performed by Anne-Sophie Kassubeck
Carmen (extraits), transcription pour violon (1875)

Above image credit: armouuu/Instagram

Mano Solo


Mano Solo
French singer Mano Solo during a concert at the Olympia, on January 18, 2005 in Paris. (Image credit: Bertrand Guay/AFP)

Performed by Benjamin Mathis
“Une image” (2002), “Allo Paris” (1993)

Frédéric Chopin

Embed from Getty Images

Performed by Thibault Cohade, guitar, Léa Stentz, accordion, Matthieu Courant, alto.
Étude op.10 n°3 en mi majeur “Tristesse”, transcription pour accordéon et alto (1829–1832)

Alain Bashung


Embed from Getty Images

Performed by Benjamin Mathis.
“La nuit je mens” (1998), “Angora” (1998)

Francis Poulenc


Embed from Getty Images

Performed by Cédric Godefroy and Lise Schmitt
Sonate pour deux clarinettes (1918)

Feature photo credit: Renzo Stanley/Flickr/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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  1. Hey ! Thanks for your article ! Happy to see you enjoyed our event ! It’s the first one for us but we just open our Facebook Page if you want to follow our new projects or the ones we support 🙂 that way > facebook.com/lessonstisses




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