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Yesterday I read some really bummer news regarding our friend, Jim Cherry, writer for the Doors Examiner, that I would like to bring to your attention. He recently learned that he’s on the verge of losing not only his publishing platform, but also his subscriber list. Please take the time to read his story below.

I’m so saddened to see this happening to such a great person! I’ve been in touch with Jim since I started this blog in 2010. He was always friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

Jim’s been working assiduously to keep us Doors fans up to date with frequent and eclectic news for almost 7 years. Please stay in touch with him and help him rebuild his subscription list!

The Demise of The Doors Examiner (stay tuned for new iteration)

On the 45th anniversary of Jim Morrison’s death there’s probably some kind of synchronicity in announcing that The Doors Examiner won’t exist after July 10th. It’s not only The Doors Examiner, AXS Entertainment is pulling the plug on all its writers.
The Doors Examiner has been around almost seven years (August 29th would have been the 7th anniversary). We’ve written around 1,500 articles in that time, gained thousands of subscribers and readers (from zero), and I think given The Doors Examiner a good reputation not only amongst Doors fans, but rock fans as well, and a level of respect from The Doors organization. After all The Doors Examiner has been in the top 10 most widely read national music writers since June of 2014 and in the top 5 since June of 2015.

I’ve heard nothing officially from The Examiner that July 10th is the day they will pull the plug, but in trying to confirm if it was true or some kind of internet rumor I discovered that The Examiner’s Facebook page has been taken down, their Twitter feed no longer exists and when I tried to confirm it with my “editor” at The Examiner I discovered he no longer works there (after only a few months) and was referred to sending emails to a generic email address. As I’ve only heard about this less than 24 hours ago I’ve taken some initial steps in seeing where I can take The Doors Examiner. Of course that’s not enough time for anything definitive to be resolved, but I’m determined that The Doors Examiner will live in some other iteration, what that form will is still unknown.

One thing The Examiner has never shared with me is a list of MY subscribers claiming it’s a proprietary list. But over the seven years I’ve built the subscriber list through my writing, and using the advantages of social media. I’m hoping my subscribers are willing to take the next step with me (whatever that may be). To that end I’m asking my subscribers and interested readers to please send their email address to me at under the subject of Doors Examiner Subscriber and I will keep that list and when I’ve found a new venue for The Doors Examiner (or whatever its new name may be), I will add your email addresses to the list and we can start where we left off. I still have some ideas for articles on The Doors that I think fans will find interesting and I would love to bring them and their viewpoint and insights to you.

One of my goals when I started writing The Doors Examiner was always to bring a more artistic level of writing to the genre and hopefully that would attract readers and interest them in my other writings. I’ve been successful in that to some degree. I got a book deal through a review I wrote for The Doors Examiner, and one of my new projects, a book I’m working on “Strictly From Hunger!” have been previewed in past articles Strictly From Hunger: The Doors Open, Strictly From Hunger: Jim Morrison it Looks a Lot Like Paradise to Me and A Night Out With Pam Courson. I’m working on it with a member of Hunger, John Morton, and we’re hoping for publication next year. The manuscript is out as a query to publishers now. If you wish to keep up with the project please like the Facebook page Strictly From Hunger.

I’ve also been doing some very preliminary work on a novel titled “The Third Day” and have recently finished a rough draft. If you wish to keep up with my literary endeavours you can follow me at Jymsbooks on Facebook. I’m on Goodreads or my Amazon Authors page. I’m also going to be keeping my Doors Examiner Facebook page active.

I’ve enjoyed my tenure as The Doors Examiner, and I’ve been supported by so many cool people who have helped me build The Doors Examiner up to what it is, it’s truly A LOT of people and if I mentioned names I would forget somebody. It has also allowed me to talk to a lot of people who knew The Doors and Jim Morrison which I wouldn’t have been able to do or maybe wouldn’t have had the courage to do if I didn’t have the imprimatur of The Doors Examiner behind me. Thank you everybody for your help and support and for reading The Doors Examiner! Now we open the next door and prepare to step through it. Let’s keep the whole thing going baby! This is not the end, and nothing is over until we say it’s over!

P.S. Unfortunately until we find that new venue The Examiner will no longer allow me to publish articles. So please spread the word to your friends who read and/or subscribe to The Doors Examiner and get everybody on board.

Jim Cherry

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October 8 via Facebook

A selection of articles are now online at! More to come!

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