New documentary explores Jim Morrison’s last days in his own words

Paris, 1971

There’s a new short documentary in film festivals exploring Jim’s last days and his grave at Père Lachaise. Here’s some information on the film and where it’s being screened. Check it out if it’s playing near you! And check back on this post for screening updates, or on Twitter with the hashtag #Paris1971doc.

In March 1971, Jim Morrison lead singer of The Doors left his life in Los Angeles behind and joined his girlfriend Pamela Courson in Paris to write poetry. Four months later he was dead. Paris, 1971 is a dream-like meditative journey, imaginatively recounting his last days and interment at the mythic Père Lachaise cemetery.

Using rare interviews, never before featured in a documentary, the film reveals a thoughtful, contemplative Morrison — whose insights unexpectedly challenge our preconceptions of him. Morrison candidly philosophizes about life, death, and love, painting a timeless portrait of one of 20th century’s music greats through his final resting place.

The film features music from ambient music composer Michael Stearns and virtuoso percussionist Evelyn Glennie, and includes photographs taken from fans and professional artists alike, including Edmund Teske, Michelle Campbell, Patricia Kennealy-Morrison, Patricia Devaux, among many others.

Paris, 1971 has screened at the Vancouver International Film Festival, DOC NYC, and the Maui Film Festival. On August 4 it screens at the Los Angeles Shorts International Film Festival and on August 10 at Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival.

The film is directed by David Khachatorian and produced by George Pozderec. They have collaborated on several projects, including the documentary The Joseph Szabo Project, which evocatively captured iconic photographer Joseph Szabo’s journey to document the lives of his teenage students in 1970s New York. It screened in over 20 film festivals including, DOC NYC, Cinequest, and the St. Louis International Film Festival.

Paris, 1971 Jim Morrison documentary

Featured photo courtesy of Alan Sims from Paris,1971

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    1. Hi Alyson, it’s only screening at film festivals as far as I know. If that changes, I’ll post the information here.


  1. I was living in Paris at that time and went to Sly concert in April. Had a triumph bonneville 650 didn’t even know Jim was there (Marat).


  2. Hi, thanks for this post! Is the there any way to watch this documentary yet other than physically going to a screening? Best, H


  3. I’m a publisher in the UK, I’d be interested in discussing your friend’s book as a possible project. – slight Doors reference in the company name! Did anyone find a link to the documentary? Cheers!


  4. I’m glad to see this being made, an accurate representation of the troubled poet/singer.
    I hope the documentary touches upon how 2 junkies apparently carried Jim UP 3 flights of stairs on their own to the bathtub,


    why it took Marianne Faithful until 2014 to announce “my boyfriend killed jim”…when everyone knows she was there. Why else wait until 2014 to say she had absolutely no involvement whatsoever and…her “boyfriend did it”.

    I mean come on!

    There is something fishy about the whole thing, whether or not French officials were trying to cover for their darling “count Jean Breteuil” – Marianne Faithful’s “boyfriend”…is something that needs to be fully exposed.

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  5. would love to see this! I know so many skeptics that have numerous theories as to what really happened. A friend of mine wrote a book in German about Jim’s last days in Paris and there’s actual picture of THE bathtub he got from the Parisian Fire Dept! Rather creepy photo of an empty tub but nonetheless he has tried several times to have published in English but no takers, wish my Deutsch was better but I digress, makes you wish you could time travel and see what happened for real though you may be surprised to what you see and hear! ~Cheers


    1. Tell me more about your friends book. There are ways to publish online now. Tell your friend to get in touch with me.

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