Jim Morrison to have public square in Paris named in his honor

It’s official: the Council of Paris recently voted unanimously on Resolution 68 to name a public square after Jim Morrison. The daily French newspaper, Le Figaro, reports that the family’s approval is still required and the exact location is to be determined.

The proposal to name a pubic space after Jim Morrison was initiated as early as 2013 by Jérôme Dubus, city councilman for the 17th district of Paris and spokesman for the group Parisiens Progressistes, Constructifs et Indépendants (PPCI).

In 2013, the Council of Paris already voted favorably on naming a “public square, street or cultural institution” after Morrison. Five years later, turns out Jim gets a public square. I’m not sure what the difference is between these two votes and why it took five years. I’m going to reach out to Mr. Dubus with some questions. Check back here for updates.

What the sign might look like

Paris street signs have different templates. Based on other street signs honoring notable people, it will probably look something like this:

Based on other street signs in Paris honoring notable people, it will probably look something like this.

What do you think the text should include: American singer, film-maker, poet, co-founder of the group The Doors?

Where in Paris would you like to see “Place Morrison”? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Potential sign issues. Think Joey Ramone.

Fingers crossed Jim’s street sign won’t have the same fate as Joey Ramone’s street sign in New York. I’m somewhat pessimistic given the history of Jim’s grave.

Officials say a metal homage to the late punk legend Joey Ramone may be New York City’s most-stolen street sign. The Department of Transportation recently had the “Joey Ramone Place” sign reinstalled in lower Manhattan for the fourth time since 2003. This time, it was raised 8 eight feet to curb temptation. The New York Post says that puts it about 20 feet above street level.

Billboard/Associated Press, 09/27/2010

The Post this morning has an item about the city replacing a memorial street sign reading “Joey Ramone Place” at Bowery and East Second. The sign “perhaps the most stolen of the 250,900 street signs in New York,” according to the Department of Transportation, will now be placed 20 feet above the street, rather than the standard 12 to 14 street. Punk kids, right? Try and stop them from stealing Ramones-related things! Only, the theft of sign really isn’t that much of a problem. Since the sign went up in 2003, it’s been stolen a lousy three (three!) times.

Dan Duray, Observer, 09/27/2017


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6 thoughts on “Jim Morrison to have public square in Paris named in his honor

  1. What a wonderful honor, and I believe he would have enjoyed it. You were very special, Jim Morrison. I fear you never felt that you were. I wish those around you would have expressed that and been a real friend to you. RIP, beautiful poet.


    1. This article was from two years ago. Did it ever happen? I have not seen it, if it did. I hope it is still in the works.



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