The Doors Live At The Bowl ’68 in theaters on November 27

Save the date to see The Doors Live At The Bowl ’68 on the big screen on Tuesday, November 27 at 8 p.m.

Tickets and sreening locations

Pathé Live


The Doors concert at the Hollywood Bowl could have (and should have) been great theatre. There was Jim Morrison, moving with animal grace, exuding his own peculiar sexuality, obviously in a good mood and ready to give his audience everything they wanted and possibly more. […] Why, then, was the concert so unexciting, so bland, so undramatic?

Harvey Perr

Jim Morrison’s leather pants

OK. Maybe the concert sucked, but the iconic leather pants and concho belt! C’mon people. It’s not all bad. You can see these pants in the Los Angeles Hard Rock café memorobilia collection. They also have hand-writtern LA Woman Lyrics by Jim. L.A. Music Blog lists these pants as the number one item on their Top 5: Hard Rock Cafe – Hollywood Memorabilia list.

Live At The Bowl ’68 Triva

This concert was recorded in it’s entirety with four different cameras (including a fifth slo-mo camera) and is the only live performance professionally recorded in color. It wasn’t until 2012’s “Live At The Bowl” that the entire performance was made available to fans, this time in High Definition and with all of the original audio.


Mick Jagger (of The Rolling Stones) attended this performance. It was his first time seeing The Doors live, and although he later said that he enjoyed the show overall, he also complained that some of the songs dragged on too long.

from IMDb

Jim Morrison had taken LSD prior to going on stage. The effects become noticable during the set. John densmore commented that “I felt something was a bit off, Jim would come in early or late in different sections of the song.”

from IMDb


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