About me

Originally from Chicago, I live and work in Paris.

A music lover from an early age, I grew up listening to classic rock on the Loop, metal on WVVX, house on WBMX and rap on WHPK. And blues because, well, it’s Chicago.

On my first trip to Paris in 1986, the first place I wanted to visit was Jim Morrison’s grave. Here’s the photo from that visit.

I ended up moving to France in 1990. Stunned by the exceptional beauty of Père Lachaise, I never stopped going back.

Why this website? Like many of you, I wondered what really happened to Jim in Paris. This website is the result of my research. I’ve gathered all the information I found regarding Jim Morrison in Paris in 1971. There are still lots of questions and mystery surrounding his death. If you have any information to add or corrections, please let me know!

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