Multimedia concert “Sacred Grounds, Sacred Sounds” by Melodic Vision

A journey through the history, mystery and music of Père Lachaise cemetery Do you ever wonder what a concert in Père Lachaise would be like of music by musicians in Père Lachaise? I do. I like to wander around Père Lachaise listening to my Père Lachaise playlist on my iPod. But I frequently wonder how extraordinaryContinue reading “Multimedia concert “Sacred Grounds, Sacred Sounds” by Melodic Vision”

Chopin, the poet of the piano

Frédéric François Chopin was a classical pianist and composer. Born in Poland in 1810 to a French father and a Polish mother, Chopin arrived in Paris in October 1831 and died there in 1849 at the age of 39. Chopin’s Paris In addition to Chopin’s grave in Père Lachaise cemetery, there are several points ofContinue reading “Chopin, the poet of the piano”

DJ Mehdi, a magician at the turntables

Mehdi Favéris-Essadi 1977–2011 DJ Mehdi was a critically acclaimed and award-winning Paris-based music producer and DJ. He initially started out producing hip-hop records, most notably 113’s Les Princes de la Ville which won two major French music awards in 2000 (Rap Album of the Year and Best New Artist). He then crossed over to electronicContinue reading “DJ Mehdi, a magician at the turntables”

Three stories from a visit to Jim’s grave in 1976

Recently I reached out to Tom Teicholz to request adding a rare photograph of his of Jim’s grave from Spring 1976. Not only did Tom oblige, but he in turn reached out to his fellow travel companions in the photo who kindly provided their memories from that day. I am so pleased to be ableContinue reading “Three stories from a visit to Jim’s grave in 1976”