Frank Lisciandro on Père Lachaise and Jim Morrison

Acclaimed photographer, filmmaker, writer and producer Frank Lisciandro is a key figure in the history of The Doors. He worked as an editor on the Doors’ documentary, Feast of Friends, as a co-filmmaker on Jim Morrison’s film, HWY, and published three books: Jim Morrison, An Hour for Magic Morrison, A Feast of Friends Jim Morrison:Continue reading “Frank Lisciandro on Père Lachaise and Jim Morrison”

“Jim’s last walk” by Alain Ronay

Paris Match N°2187* April 25, 1991 Forty-one years ago today on June 28, 1971, Jim Morrison, Pamela Courson, and their friend, Alain Ronay, took a day trip to Saint-Leu-d’Esserent, 55 km north of Paris, less than a week before Jim died on July 3. Twenty years later, Alain Ronay published his story in the weeklyContinue reading ““Jim’s last walk” by Alain Ronay”

Three stories from a visit to Jim’s grave in 1976

Recently I reached out to Tom Teicholz to request adding a rare photograph of his of Jim’s grave from Spring 1976. Not only did Tom oblige, but he in turn reached out to his fellow travel companions in the photo who kindly provided their memories from that day. I am so pleased to be ableContinue reading “Three stories from a visit to Jim’s grave in 1976”

Last Strange Day in Saint-Leu-d’Esserent

Painting by Alain Granger Yesterday I reached out to artist Alain Granger—whose painting Last Strange Day I discovered recently—to learn more about the story behind it. He kindly responded and sent along some additional photos of his painting as well as recent pictures of Hôtel de l’Oise and the window of the house where theContinue reading “Last Strange Day in Saint-Leu-d’Esserent”