Heavy metal graffiti invades Paris

From most romantic city to Paris bridge is falling down It all started out with good intentions. The “love locks” are padlocks that couples affix to bridges and public fixtures in a declaration of their love. In Paris, the Passerelle des Arts is a hot spot for lovebirds. However, the vast number of padlocks is... Continue Reading →

Abelard, the medieval punk monk

12th century France Peter Abelard (1079–1142) You know the story: Teacher and student fall in love, have a baby (a boy, Astrolabe!), then marry secretly. Furious, student’s uncle has teacher castrated. The lovers separate, carry on in various monasteries and abbeys, all the while managing to stay in touch. Classic medieval shenanigans. So why all... Continue Reading →

Ghost riders in Paris

By Michelle Campbell In 1992, I took a walk around Père Lachaise cemetery and Paris with Joe Russo, lead singer of the Doors tribute band, the Soft Parade. We took some shots at, and around Jim Morrison’s grave, and then went on to Saint Michel, an area that Jim liked to wander very much. Here... Continue Reading →

The Internationale and Eugène Pottier

Today in Père Lachaise, the Association des amis de la Commune commemorated the 142th anniversary of the Paris Commune at the Mur des Fédérés and sang The Internationale. Eugène Pottier, lyricist of The Internationale, is buried not far from the Communard’s Wall. The verses were written on 30 June 1871 in the immediate aftermath of... Continue Reading →

Georges Moustaki (1934–2013) tribute wall

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