Last photos of Jim Morrison

Paris, 1971

The last photos of Jim Morrison were taken by Gilles Yepremian, Hervé Muller and Alain Ronay. The photos by Gilles and Hervé were taken in Paris. The photos by Alain were taken in Saint-Leu-d’Esserent near the Chateau de Chantilly.

Photos by Gilles Yepremian

Outside Hervé Muller’s apartment (6, place Tristan Bernard, Paris 17).

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Photos by Hervé Muller

Inside Hervé Muller’s apartment (6, place Tristan Bernard, Paris 17).

Bar Alexandre (avenue Georges V, Paris 8)

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Photos by Alain Ronay

These photos were taken in the town of Saint-Leu-d’Esserent, about 55 km (34 mi) north of Paris. Jim, Pam and Alain stopped at the Hôtel de l’Oise. Even though some changes have taken place, the window where Jim stands and the hotel still look like it did in 1971. These are the last photos of Jim, taken one week before he died on July 3.

SEE ALSO Jim’s Last Walk by Alain Ronay

Special thanks

Gilles Yepremian, who helped sort out the photo credits.
Matt George, who helped put this together.

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63 thoughts on “Last photos of Jim Morrison

Add yours

  1. We live we die and death doesn’t end it all.
    Love you Jim Morrison.
    Check this beautiful band The Doors Alive.I have no doubt Jim is back.


  2. Your missing the whole point and message. He didn’t want that he didn’t want his family’s lifestyle. He rather live on a rooftop eating fruit off of trees than be apart of that. It’s not shocking or disgusting at all it’s actually quite beautiful. If you could remove yourself from your own yuppie mindset than maybe you could understand. Nothing against you my friend it’s just you don’t get it.


  3. Franco When I saw him he was drinking Budweiser, and you can also see a photo of him drinking the same on the inside cover of “Morrison Hotel”. That, I promise, are the facts, at least they were in 1970.


  4. It’s not true that Jim Morrison “had demons” in his head. That’s simply a tea-totaler’s fantasy. But Jim was, apparently, by most accounts, an alcoholic, which means he had an allergic reaction to his addiction, and that, means it was out of his control. All of the negative “experts” also did their fair share of stressing JDM, and we see now, they are still at it all these years later. Shame on the lot of you and let the wonderful and talented poet and singer, rest in peace.


  5. It was only a matter of time before he died Jim had deep seated psychological problems . He had always had a self – destructive streak .


  6. Jim Morrison was an artist.A poet and a visionary.He was also troubled because of his sensitive nature .He was an intelligent human being.A very beautiful man in war with his inner demons.No he didn’t deal with his success to well.The magical and rebellious 60s had its own problems.The sex drugs and rock and roll had its charm and pain sucking the youth energy to create what we see and feel till date.
    Jim was meant to live and not die.It hurts to see how he got wasted.
    And what happened to him in Paris will forever remain a mystery.
    About Pamela Courson she was an unstable beautiful woman living in a fantasy world.Jim was her provider and she probably had no clue or clarity that Jim needed medical attention.
    In the end Jim Morrison died alone without his friends or family .
    I am sure things could have been otherwise.


  7. I’m shocked and disgusted that he threw it all away. he was born into a wealthy family and had the opportunities that go along with it. Most people today don’t have the option of being an artist or poet unless they plan to spend their days waiting tables or working at Starbucks. doing taht, they’re lucky if they have enough time and energy after work to devote to their art.
    Maybe he looks normal by today’s American standards of fitness, but put him beside another American in 1970 or a Frenchman even today, his weight gain would be obvious. From the photos, he was bloated. You can see it in his puffy face and double chin. In a few, it”s apparent that he had a gut. Compare those photos with his early photos.
    I believe his choice to move to Paris was a good one. Away from bad people and the excesses and overall unhealthy lifestyle of Hollywood, he probably would have had a chance to get his health back and live a normal life as a poet.
    Why was his album called Weird scenes inside the gold mine? Where is this gold mine. I want to visit it.


  8. he doesn’t look overweight to me just normal and if he had a few drinks its normal for a young guy to do if he was on holiday he didn’t look sad or sick at all


  9. Hi everyone, I’ve a little question. Maybe you can help me!. Someone knows what’s the trademark of the beer that Jim & Pam are drinking? Please, I really want to know this!


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  11. To whom it may concern… Jim lived a life we can only imagine living.. Before anybody should criticize the man, maybey you should try and take a walk in his shoes first. Let’s enjoy what he left us and celebrate his life by listening to the great sounds that the band created. Remember, we are only human, I’m just glad that we had a chance to hear it. Thanks Jim and the rest of the band for giving us eternity of music.


  12. The First set of Photos at the top are from my very good friend Gilles Yepremian who met jim 3 times and gilles is a very honest man and a true gentleman.


  13. Jim was awesome. I fell in love with the Doors early in life. And their music has been a constant in mine and many friends lives. Who knows where Jim’s life would’ve gone had he not died at 27 ? But I do know how it affected me and others. Deeply. So, while its cool to see pictures of Jim, Pam and others I don’t like to dwell on the past or Jim’s death too much. Thanks for having a cool Doors forum for all of us to connect with.


  14. Time treats great people kindly.As more time goes by they are remembered even more.JIM will always be missed.The Doors were pure magic.RAY ,ROBBY JIM AND JOHN ,love you all for the music.


  15. Jim deffinately looked like he was on his last leg in those photos.his head is very bloated.The day before his death he was spitting up blood and had bad cases of hiccups and fell down bringing firewood up to his apartment.To bad he didnt go to the hospital because he could have maybe been treated and lived alot longer life.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. well he looks like he was desperately seeking the thing he missed the most(.normality.) don’t we need that?especially when we live in a day to day pressure cooker..? I guess rock and roll just wasn’t fun anymore.imagine that…sometimes the game gets old we out grow it.then its not fun anymore.


  17. Man do I wish we knew what actually did happen on the last day of his life. so many different theories as to what happened. Thanks for the great music Jim. Hopefully you and Ray are now putting down some music….it’s been a long wait


    1. You clearly have no idea what the hell your talking about. Yeah the doors were getting pushed apart because of jims alcoholism but that doesn’t mean the “despised” each other. Every one knew jim was done everyone knew he was going to Paris to be with Pam and be a poet. They were hoping that he would eventually come back, but to say that Jim despised the rest of the doors. Is fucking retarded. Watch some of the documentaries they explain it well. And I bet Jim is jammin with Ray after all they were the ones that started the band, eventually Robby and John hopefully later rather than sooner will join Jim and Ray and the doors will be back together. The only thing missing will be me front row seat. Peace.


  18. Nothing wrong with these pics, Morrisson has gained some weight and looks more like his younger self, before The Doors and the Lizard King, he was a millionaire rock star by 1971 and could eat and drink as he wished, and of course, the rock scene in the late-60’s/70’s was an era of experimenting with drugs, uppers and downers, cocaine and heroin, which was the hipster drug at the moment, and “Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus, the hipster night club in Paris where rich rock stars and celebrities partied in 1971, Morrison was at the centre of it all and hardly there to ‘clean up’, The (EX)Beatles, The Rolling Stones…. nobody looked like mop tops in 1971, but Morrison hardly looks burned out, it’s just a period look, and if he hadn’t accidentally overdoes, I’m sure he would have continued making music, like any great artist at the time. : )


    1. You are right to place these photos in their historical context. Jim always reverted to a collegiate style of clothing when he wasn’t playing the rock star game, and that phase had been over for awhile when these pics were taken. I don’t think he went to France so much to clean up as to heal from the unrelenting traumas of the past few years, and to make a fresh start as a working poet. Physically, he had filled out, as all men do, but he was far from fat, ever. He simply was no longer the licorce thin man-child of his early rock years.


  19. So many people forget that underneath it all Jim had the soul of a poet. He needed us more than we needed him in the end. It is heartbreaking that eventually, while trying to clean up a bit, the drinking had taken its toll on him. (Anyone who has been drinking rather steadily for almost 10 years would be in bad shape.) I like to think that being in Paris with Pamela made Jim’s final days peaceful ones. We will never know how he felt or what really happened, but I am grateful for all he gave us. That is enough for me, always. Thank you for posting there, and thanks for sharing, everyone!


  20. How lovely and evocative the heading photo is, angelic in fact. And the nodding off photo looks like a death mask. That sums it up, I guess. Like others, I had seen some, but not all of these photos over the years. How wonderful to see him alive and alert, animated at times, conversing, and clowning, as well as nodding off, the week before his death. It just goes to show, if you want to know Jim, examine the primary evidence; his words, his music, his work, the photos…the rest is mostly filler and hyperbole. What no one gives Jim credit for is the incredible maturing he did over the last years of his life. And despite his imbibing, he was a hard working and disciplined poet. And a beautiful spirit…

    BTW, Jim shared the Super 8 camera with Pam, and you can find someof the footage on you tube.


    1. Thank you for stopping by and your thoughtful comment.

      Regarding the Super 8 camera footage. I’ve looked high and low for that footage, to no avail (which doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist). I’ve seen the above photos from Saint-Leu turned into various “last days” slideshows on YouTube, but no actual movie footage. If you could supply any links, that would be very, very much appreciated to say the least.

      Thank you again for your comment. 🙂


    2. No, what I saw wasn’ t a slide show. It was a short black and white clip of Pam walking around some graves or monuments; in fact, it appears to have been the clip Patricia Butlerdescribes at the above link, Jim & Pam Home Movies. It wasn’t particularly interesting, but I did watch it twice. Now I can’t find it, of course. I came across it one sleepless night when I was flipping from JM site to site on the internet. I thiught it was on you tube, but as I said, I can’t locate it now. If I ever come across it again I will e-mail the link!


    3. Thanks for the update. I would love to see it someday, even if it’s not particularly interesting. Yeah, you never know with YouTube. One day something is there, and then it’s gone. But if ever you run across it again, that would be great if you could post the link. I’ll do likewise if ever I can find it. I was searching for Saint-Leu, and not the cemetery, so I’ll have to give it another girl scout try on YouTube. Thanks again for your comments and stopping by.


  21. Ive seen a few of these Paris photos thru out the last 30 yrs. Mostly the ones that were in Danny Sugarman & Jerry Hopkins book (No One Here GETS OUT ALIVE).. I remember back in the late 80s I lived in Santa Rosa California and a Newspaper story in the SF Chronicles talked about a Bank Security Box in Sausalito Cal discovered with photos and journals that had been discovered. as a Doors fan, before the Internet, it was a Big Story to me at the time. Does anyone out there know about that security box discovery?


  22. Thank you so much for giving Jim’s fans a sweet relief from others’ portrayals of him as a pathetic disgraced rock god. These photos show a real man-not a burned out rocker or a fat alcoholic-in his last earthly days. Jim appears relaxed, attentive and at ease in the company of fans, friends and his soul mate. These photos ease my suffering soul a bit, and I thank you.


  23. it’s funny….a couple of people over the months have commented here that these photographs dispel the myth that Jim was drunk all-or-a-majority-of the time…..but a new comment today 10/26/2012 has someone saying that he basically looks clearly drunk in several of them…..I agree with that new comment; unfortunately, a LOT of unflattering pictures here guys! 😦

    (especially the one that shows one drowsy eyeball looking UP, and the other one looking DOWN……at the same time……i have always wondered how a person could look like that, literally!…..and to think that Herve Muller used that enlarged image for a title cover on a book he wrote about Morrison, “Mort ou Vif”…….tasteless to say the least. )


  24. Thanks 4 posting these photo’s. Sad but interesting to see J.M. in his final days on earth. Maybe there are more pics out their wanting to be discovered?

    Having said that, what these pictures show is a man with a major problem.
    It’s really too bad he didn’t get the help he needed and these pictures
    clearly show that being high or drunk most of the time is no way to go thru life.


  25. it is very interesting to share these images with the public. i remember reading no one here gets out alive by danny sugarman and jerry hopkins as well as break on through by james riordan and both books supported the fact that jim morrison was obese or a “hulking” overweight man by early 1971. This was all untrue and suggests the writers took liberties to parallel morrison with elvis parsley’s self destruction.

    its sad to see these images over all because morrison much like eldridge cleaver, wilfredo lam, richard wright, josephine baker and so many other creative people sought freedom from oppression and found it in france. but for morrison it was short lived and yet his creative drive and accomplishments still resonate with us today.


    1. yes, thank you. Too many people love the job of judge and jury. It never ceases to amaze that no matter how successful somebody is there will always be those that have something negative and abusive to say even by by those that may love that person. Jim Morrison is indeed a rock legend and his memory should be one about music and not about his troubles that have long been laid to rest. Everyday I find I am shaking my head at the callousness of humanity and the path to destruction that follows.


  26. grazie delle belle immagini,anche io sarei curiosa di vedere le immagini girate da Pamela,anche quella in Spagna e Marocco. .


  27. Its really a wonderful post. I had seen some of the pictures, but looks like there are far more in your blog post. Thanks so much, Susan.

    I’ve two questions:

    1) In the photos featuring Pamela, Jim and Alan, Pam is showing holding a Super 8 camera. Do you know if the videos are posted somewhere? I would really love to see those movies too.

    2) Most of the articles give us a picture of a very drunk Jim in Paris. But the photos seem to disagree. Do you think the media is focusing only on that aspect of Jim just so that they could sell more copies? I don’t deny him drinking. But drinking all the time?…. I highly doubt it…..


    1. Hello JF, thank you for your comments. 1) I haven’t seen these videos anywhere. I would love to though! 2) There are many conflicting accounts regarding Jim’s time in Paris in regards to his state of mind, so it’s hard to say with certainty that Jim was drinking all the time. It’s a subjective analysis that I’ll leave to those who were there and knew Jim. Yes, I do think it is possible that the media focused on that aspect to sell more copies. Thanks again for your comments and questions.


    2. Great photos, well it’s clear his face is still whiskey , liquor bloated, he had definitely lost weight , whether it be illness or diet who knows. But as a longtime fan of the doors and of James’s work I see a man a little more at peace in Europe. Maybe he knew he was dying, maybe he’s still alive.the man drank, the man wrote beautiful words.truly a visionary before his time. Too many books and articles to really know exactly what happened to him.i see his eyes in these photos and I see a man and a true poet. That is all that matters to me.thank you for these and others. Mtwill


  28. Merci de m’avoir indiqué les précisions quant aux dernières photographies de Jim Morrison. Pourriez-vous me dire comment Jim Morrison a connu la cinéaste Agnès Varda, lui qui a beaucoup aimé les films de son compagnon Jacques Demy ? Avez-vous des précisions sur cette rencontre ?
    Merci de me répondre si vous le pouvez.

    Pour les internautes qui passent vous voir, voici un billet-BiBi sur Jim Morrison et un petit clip vidéo


  29. Hi,

    this is a great site! Very thorough and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

    BTW, there are a few other photos from May and June 71 that you might want to try to find.

    Contact me for more info.

    Also, if you go to the “Doors Forum” (official), you can find a few pics of the apartment interior before the renovation, (with clouds painted on the ceiling) and the “original” bath tub that he was found in on that hot July morning in 1971. 😦



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