The door of partial perception

Illustration by Beshart Graphic Design Studio, a visual communication studio based in Antwerp, Belgium This illustration is part of The 27 Forever Club Has A New Member collection. The illustration of Jim Morrison portrays the tragic event familiar to us all with an unsettling calm. The minimalistic and rational design, expressed with cool solid colors,... Continue Reading →

Last Strange Day in Saint-Leu-d’Esserent

Painting by Alain Granger Yesterday I reached out to artist Alain Granger—whose painting Last Strange Day I discovered recently—to learn more about the story behind it. He kindly responded and sent along some additional photos of his painting as well as recent pictures of Hôtel de l’Oise and the window of the house where the... Continue Reading →

Burn Away Fade Out

Sculptures by Graham Dolphin “The final, completing element is a series of three replicas of the distinctly amateur bust of Jim Morrison that sat amongst the sea of graffiti at his grave in Paris. Originally produced by a fan, this item also became a surface into which visitors inscribed messages and tributes and indeed became... Continue Reading →

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