When idol worship leads to desecration

An interesting article, despite several inaccuracies (see footnotes). English translation below. https://twitter.com/franceinfo/status/313593672836972544 English translation When idol worship leads to desecration Claude François’* family is going to press charges for vandalism. Located at his famous home at the Dannemois water mill in Essonne (1), the singer’s grave was vandalized Saturday night. When idol worship leads to desecration.... Continue Reading →

Who stole Jim Morrison’s bust?

The backstory Croatian artist Mladen Mikulin sculpted a bust effigy of Jim Morrison for his grave in Père Lachaise cemetery. The bust was in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Jim’s death on July 3, 1981. It disappeared in 1988. Before and after SEE ALSO Rockin’ The Dead In Zagreb: The Real Story of Jim Morrison’s... Continue Reading →

Burn Away Fade Out

Sculptures by Graham Dolphin “The final, completing element is a series of three replicas of the distinctly amateur bust of Jim Morrison that sat amongst the sea of graffiti at his grave in Paris. Originally produced by a fan, this item also became a surface into which visitors inscribed messages and tributes and indeed became... Continue Reading →

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