Content from 127 Fascination box for sale, includes photo of Pam by Jim in Paris

#NYBookFair opens tonight. Our #JimMorrison archive is generating a lot of press interest: come and see what the fuss is about at booth B25 — Lucius Books (@LuciusBooks) April 11, 2013 Source: Lucius Booksellers York, England

When idol worship leads to desecration

An interesting article, despite several inaccuracies (see footnotes). English translation below. L'HISTOIRE DU JOUR | La délinquance par amour des vedettes ou quand l'adoration mène à la profanation. — franceinfo (@franceinfo) March 18, 2013 English translation When idol worship leads to desecration Claude François’* family is going to press charges for vandalism. Located atContinue reading “When idol worship leads to desecration”

Jim Morrison’s original Paris Journal manuscript for sale

Buyer beware As with nearly every Jim Morrison notebook to come up for sale, the original auction listing makes the unequivocal claim that these pages “were written over the few months in 1971 while Morrison was living in Paris prior to his untimely death on July 3rd.” However, this statement is entirely unfounded. — LenContinue reading “Jim Morrison’s original Paris Journal manuscript for sale”

Jim Morrison and Pussy Riot, pushing the limits of freedom of expression

What do Jim Morrison, American sixties rock star, and Pussy Riot, 21st century Russian protest performers, have in common? Surprisingly, a lot. Both risked their personal freedom to make public statements about freedom, and both paid heavily for their gestures by being persecuted by the reigning authorities.