Who stole Jim Morrison’s bust?

The backstory Croatian artist Mladen Mikulin sculpted a bust effigy of Jim Morrison for his grave in Père Lachaise cemetery. The bust was in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Jim’s death on July 3, 1981. It disappeared in 1988. Before and after   A piece of the puzzle Film director and screenwriter, Olivier Chateau, hasContinue reading “Who stole Jim Morrison’s bust?”

Jim’s first gravestone surfaces briefly in New Orleans, ca. 1998

Tales of the unexpected I received an incredible and unexpected email the other day from Lue Isaac informing me that her brother, Keith Keller, was briefly the guardian of Jim’s first gravestone in the late 90s. So it is with my sincerest thanks to Lue that I share with you this amazing story. “My deceasedContinue reading “Jim’s first gravestone surfaces briefly in New Orleans, ca. 1998”

A soldier’s visit to Jim Morrison’s grave in 1972

Brian Minnis saw on the website that I was looking for past photos of Jim’s grave in an effort to complete the visual history. He reached out to me and kindly offered to scan and share his photos from February 1972. Here’s his story:   Reminiscences American solider Brian “Breeze” Minnis was stationed in Langendamm,Continue reading “A soldier’s visit to Jim Morrison’s grave in 1972”

Frank Lisciandro on Père Lachaise and Jim Morrison

Acclaimed photographer, filmmaker, writer and producer Frank Lisciandro is a key figure in the history of The Doors. He worked as an editor on the Doors’ documentary, Feast of Friends, as a co-filmmaker on Jim Morrison’s film, HWY, and published three books: Jim Morrison, An Hour for Magic Morrison, A Feast of Friends Jim Morrison:Continue reading “Frank Lisciandro on Père Lachaise and Jim Morrison”

“Jim’s last walk” by Alain Ronay

Paris Match N°2187* April 25, 1991 Forty-one years ago today on June 28, 1971, Jim Morrison, Pamela Courson, and their friend, Alain Ronay, took a day trip to Saint-Leu-d’Esserent, 55 km north of Paris, less than a week before Jim died on July 3. Twenty years later, Alain Ronay published his story in the weeklyContinue reading ““Jim’s last walk” by Alain Ronay”