Père Lachaise

Père Lachaise cemetery, “the silent soul of Paris”

Eternity’s “It” Destination Podcast You don’t want to miss this recently published podcast on Père Lachaise by @ThomasBett. ‘The Père Lachaise Cemetery: Eternity’s “It” Destination’ explores the iconic individuals buried at a Parisian cemetery and their lesser-known graveyard neighbours. It depicts the many stories behind those individuals, how they have ended up with this one […]

Jim Morrison

Podcast Milestones from the last year of Jim Morrison’s life

Researched and presented by DJ Bennett for The Chill Room series on Recorded 17 December 2011. Listen online or download mp3 (2 hours). Set list Interview with Jim outside Miami courthouse (12 August 1970) Isle of Wight Festival: Roadhouse Blues, The End (soundboard 30 August 1970) Dallas State Fair Music Hall: Love Her Madly, […]