When idol worship leads to desecration

An interesting article, despite several inaccuracies (see footnotes). English translation below. https://twitter.com/franceinfo/status/313593672836972544 English translation When idol worship leads to desecration Claude François’* family is going to press charges for vandalism. Located at his famous home at the Dannemois water mill in Essonne (1), the singer’s grave was vandalized Saturday night. When idol worship leads to desecration.... Continue Reading →

Oscar Wilde’s renovated grave, one year later

An unexpected outcome? Not for some. Last November, Oscar Wilde’s grave was thoroughly renovated and all the lipstick and graffiti was removed. The renovation included installing a glass wall around the grave for conservation purposes as the plaque on Wilde’s grave has not been successful in dissuading visitors from defacing it. The plaque reads: Respect... Continue Reading →

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